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DOT Medical Exams

Is it time for your least favorite part of your commercial truck driving job? Are you due for your CDL medical exam? Are you tired of sitting in a crowded urgent care waiting room for hours? Let's change that. 


​Get back to your day quicker. No crowded waiting rooms. Same day or next day availability. Call us now or complete the form below! 

One-time exam $95. Need a primary care doc? DOT medical exams are included with 3 months of Direct Primary Care membership.

See more below!

1 / Schedule your appointment

Call us now or complete the form!

2 / Prepare for your visit

In order to expedite your appointment and minimize your waiting, print the current NRCME Medical Examination Report form and complete the "Medical History" portion. Don't have a printer? No worries. 

3 / Attend your exam

Come to your appointment with your completed medical history form,  drivers license and a list of the current medications you are taking. Come prepared to give a urine sample, perform a vision and hearing screening test. This means bring your glasses and hearing aids if necessary. 

4 / All done or follow up

If everything goes well, leave with your completed medical certification report in hand and continue on with your day. If additional testing or information is required, we will arrange your follow up visit and help you navigate the next steps. If you require lab work or additional testing, discounted testing may be available.

Request DOT / CDL Appointment

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About Us

Dr. Sparks is a board certified family medicine physician and is a certified FMCSA examiner. Learn More.

SparksMD Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care Clinic working to restore family medicine to its old school roots with transparent pricing and affordable, concierge style medicine. 

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