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Pricing and Membership Benefits

It’s simple. Really. You should be able to get high-quality family medicine in a price transparent way. Better yet, it should be affordable and include a bunch of modern benefits. We can offer a clear, low, monthly rate by eliminating red tape and insurance middlemen.

Instead, we partner directly with you.

Birth through 18 years

$30 per month

(with registered adult parent)

19 years through 55 years

$70 per month

56 years and over

$90 per month

Maximum family (two adults and unlimited minor children in the same household) charge of $225 monthly. 

Currently, there is no initial enrollment fee. There are no contracts, cancel anytime.

Re-enrollment may be subject to  re-enrollment fees and dependent on current openings to the practice.

Same & Next Day Appointments

When you call your doctor, you shouldn’t have to wait two weeks or two months to be seen. We’ll see you right away. Well visits, sick visits, urgent care; it doesn't matter!

Longer Visits

Gone are the days of 5 minute, in and out visits with the doc, after waiting for 2 hours in the waiting room. Your appointment time is for you and you only meaning more time face-to-face with Dr. Sparks.

No Copays

Your monthly membership covers all your visits in our clinic as well as your doctor’s direct cell line for texting, phone calls, video chats, etc.

Text Your Doctor

Really. We give you your doctor's cell phone number. Have a quick question that you don't think needs an appointment? Don't google it. Text your doctor! Need an appointment? Don't sit on hold for an hour; text your doctor and continue on with your day! 

Free Procedures

Free in-office procedures like joint injections, biopsies (pathology charges may apply), cryotherapy, sutures/minor laceration repairs, and more!

Free In-Office Testing

Wether it is an EKG, a strep throat, Flu, or COVID test, or even a quick urinalysis, it is all included!​

Acute & Sick Care

Whether you have a sore throat, a painful knee, or need some minor stitches we have you covered.

After Hours Care

Urgent health needs don’t always happen between 9am and 5pm. Your doctor’s cell phone doesn’t only work those hours either. Urgent needs can be addressed as appropriate after hours and on weekends. That's included.

Big Savings

We contract with labs, imaging centers, and medication distributors to bring deep discounts straight to you. No surprise bills 3 months later for hundreds of dollars; just clear up-front pricing.

Free Paperwork

It's strange that we have to mention this, but, seriously. We won't charge you $25 to fill out your school paperwork. And you probably won't need a special visit just for paperwork.

Medication Management

We're always helping our patients ensure their medications are necessary and effective. Every visit. Every time.

Chronic Conditions

We have those covered too! Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, hypothyroidism, mental health like ADHD, depression and anxiety, COPD, and many more.

Sample Medications Savings

Average Retail Price
Our Price
Atorvastatin 40mg
Amlodipine 5mg
Lisinopril 20mg
Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg
Augmentin 875mg
Pricing: List

Additional Services

Home Visits

Continue your DPC benefits in the comfort of your own home. Additional charges may apply and home visits are subject to doctor availability.

DOT Physicals

$95 one-time charge.

Included with 3 months of membership!

School & Sports Physicals

Included with membership! One time visits may be available for non-members for a one time payment.

Small Business Plans and Employers

Direct Primary Care is a great fit for your small business healthcare needs. We can help keep your employees healthy and save your business money at the same time. With less time spent waiting for a doctor, employees are happier too! Exclusive benefits are available to businesses with a minimum of 5 employees registered.

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