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You have questions. We have answers!

Do you take insurance?

No. But thats a good thing! We will never bill insurance in our clinic for services we provide. That is what allows us to practice this way. If we billed insurance, we would be no different than any other "fee-for-service" model and we would not be able to offer such steep discounts.

I have insurance. Can I join?

Absolutely. You would never use your car insurance to pay for an oil change or a car wash. Let's think about your health insurance the same way. A low cost monthly membership for the day-to-day sick visits and preventative visits and health insurance for unexpected, high cost care.

Do I still need insurance?

Yes. SparksMD Family Medicine and Direct Primary Care in general are not insurance. We recommend that all our patients have some form of insurance or health sharing plan to cover unexpected costs associated with emergency or catastrophic illness.

What if I have Medicare? 

No problem. Dr. Sparks is "opted out" of Medicare. We will never submit a bill to Medicare for services provided. We can still write orders for labs, imaging and referrals that other facilities can bill to your Medicare.

Are there contracts?

Nope! We want our patients to want to be here with us at SparksMD Family Medicine. You are free to cancel your membership at anytime

Can I meet Dr. Sparks before joining?

Absolutely! We get that establishing a long-term patient-physician relationship is nothing to take lightly. We can schedule a free "meet and greet" for you to come by and see our office and meet Dr. Sparks. Call or email us today to get set up!

I have pre-existing conditions. Can I join?

Definitely. Direct Primary Care is a great way to manage your chronic conditions and become the healthier version of yourself you've always wanted to be.

I'm healthy and rarely see a doctor. Why should I join?

Everyone should have a Family Physician for routine, preventative healthcare and we can help you meet your health goals in a cost effective way. Our benefits will vary from patient to patient. For some patients, simply being able to text your doctor a quick question without having to take time away from work is worth it. For others, it is knowing they can be seen in office same-day or next day for acute illness.

I don't have health insurance. Can you see me?

Yes! We see all patients regardless of insurance, age, gender, etc. It doesn't matter to us.

Can you coordinate with specialists?

Yes. We refer to specialists less commonly than your standard primary care office since we have more time to get to the root cause and address complex health concerns. That being said, we certainly still refer out when medically necessary and can help coordinate your care.

What if I'm hospitalized?

We're currently unable to provide inpatient medical care and this is why we suggest, at minimum, catastrophic health insurance.

What does my membership cover?

Your membership allows for unlimited medically necessary visits with Dr. Sparks. Whether it's in person, text message, emails, phone calls, or video calls, it's all included! There are additional charges for medications we dispense and labs we order but our up-front, negotiated pricing ensures steeps discounts and transparent pricing. See our pricing and services tab for more information. 

What about after-hours care?

Dr. Sparks is available to you for urgent matters after-hours via text, phone, and email.

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