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About Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) returns Family Medicine and Primary Care to its old school roots and allows your physician to just focus on you and your health. DPC allows for more personalized healthcare and allows your doctor to actually know you as a person instead of just a number. DPC eliminates the middlemen (insurance companies and administrators) who have worked their way into the patient-physician relationship and altered it to their benefit. 

The typical primary care visit usually involves a long wait for an appointment followed by a long wait in an uncomfortable waiting room with a bunch of other sick patients. Eventually you get to see the doctor, only to have 5 fast minutes that doesn't feel long enough to even really say hello to each other. Have you ever needed to ask a follow up question after your visit? It is almost impossible to get ahold of someone by phone and now large health systems are charging you to message your doctor on their portal. Unfortunately, it goes this way due to the pressures placed by insurance companies. As frustrating as this is for patients, docs hate it too! Being overbooked and losing personal relationships with patients is not what any physician wants. 

Instead, DPC rejects the constraints of insurance companies and allows your physician to prioritize your health. DPC allows us to have same day 30-60 minute visits. It allows you to have your doctor's cell phone number for directly texting and calling your doctor. It eliminates unexpected out of pocket expenses after a visit and instead allows for one predictable and transparent monthly fee. 

Dr. Sparks Talks Direct Primary Care With Fox 35 Orlando

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