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Why Direct Primary Care?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

When choosing your primary care doctor there are so many things to consider. Why the heck should I choose a Direct Primary Care (DPC) office, like SparksMD Family Medicine? We could write a novel, but here are the highlights! It is modern medicine with an old-school touch!

DPC is a model of primary care that seeks to cut out all the extra nonsense and restore the patient-physician relationship. We eliminate insurance companies and other healthcare middlemen to instead focus specifically on you. This allows us as DPC physicians to care for a smaller panel of patients (a few hundred instead of a few thousand) which affords our patients longer appointments and more personalized relationships and care.

You know all those barriers involved that make it difficult to speak with your doc? Things like a complicated phone system, unmonitored voicemail boxes, unanswered "portal" messages, days before the next available appointment, long waits in a crowded waiting room for a 5-minute visit with the doc? Yeah, we hate them too! So we streamlined the process. We let you text, call, or email your doctor directly. Seriously. Whether it is a quick medical question, a refill request, or a question about your labs, you can reach out directly to your doctor and get a same-day response directly from your doctor.

By being more accessible, you spend less time waiting and more time with your doctor. If you need a face-to-face visit, you can see your doctor the same day or next day. Always. That's DPC!

We're also able to partner directly with labs and medication suppliers to get phenomenal discounts on medications and labs for our patients. We can dispense common medications direct from our clinic, saving you time and money. 90 days of many medications can cost less than $1! A "standard" panel of blood work runs our patients about $20. Learn more.

Have questions? Email Dr. Sparks directly at and he'll respond personally. That's the level of access and personalized care we offer everyone. Want to set up a free meet and greet to learn more? Call us at 407-392-1058 or email Dr. Sparks and we'll get you on schedule!

If you're ready for direct primary care, you can join right now.


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